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Facilities & Equipment
WQTS' office in Los Angeles, California, includes a fully-equipped experimental laboratory and a pilot-scale equipment fabrication and maintenance facility. We offer our bench-scale testing services and pilot equipment fabrication services to water utilities and engineering firms. If you need to conduct bench-scale testing of your water, or if you need pilot-scale equipment for your project, we hope you will contact us.

Experimental Laboratory
Our laboratory was designed and equipped to conduct experimental work on the treatment of drinking water. We have an industrial-size refrigerator to store large water samples received from utilities across the country. An extensive bench-top counter space allows us to set up and conduct a wide variety of water treatment process testing including:
  • Coagulation, flocculation, and sedimentation
  • Formation of Disinfection By-Products
  • Adsorption on granular or powdered activated carbon, or other specialty adsorbents
  • Oxidation with ozone
  • Photolysis or oxidation with ultraviolet (UV) or UV-peroxide
  • Adsorption on ion-exchange resins
  • Biological destruction of water contaminants
  • Others

The laboratory is equipped with the necessary instruments for routine bench-top analyses including pH, chlorine residual, ozone residual, alkalinity, turbidity, UV-254 absorbance, and others. Samples of disinfection by-products or other advanced analyses are sent to certified laboratories for analysis and reporting back to WQTS. Please click on the pictures below to see photographs of the laboratory.

Lab Work Area 2
Lab Work Area 1
Jar Tester
Refrigerator 1
Refrigerator 2

Pilot Equipment Fabrication & Maintenance Facility
Our pilot equipment fabrication facility includes all the tools needed to fabricate specialty pilot testing equipment for lease or purchase. Our staff is highly experienced in the design and fabrication of pilot equipment with more than 15 years of experience providing pilot-scale equipment for water treatment projects around the world. Pilot-scale unit processes are custom-made to fit each project’s needs. Typical unit processes that can be fabricated include:
  • Coagulation, flocculation, and sedimentation units
  • Conventional or in-line ozone contactor
  • Granular media filters
  • GAC adsorbers
  • Packed-column biological reactors
  • Ion-Exchange columns
  • Other custom-designed specialty equipment

Pilot equipment can be designed and fabricated for manual or automatic operation, as well as local or remote data access. Please click on the pictures below to see photographs of some of the pilot equipment we currently own.

Biological PCR
Chemical Feed Systems
Coagulation Filtration Unit
Conventional Ozone Contactor
Ozone Contactor Column
3D Model
  Click image to view
a 3D model of the
filter unit process.


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